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Main features

une haute technicité
Skilled team
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Un regard indépendant
préservation du patrimoine
équipe dédiée
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Preserving asset value

We are deeply committed to using the best and most reliable equipment, meeting deadlines and adhering to all of our regulatory and flagging obligations.

By adhering to strict maintenance principles, we ensure that your yacht remains safe, soundand operational throughout her life span, avoiding expenses due to sea risk.

Because we are maintenance specialists, we can offer a critical perspective on the maintenance required for your boat to ensure that your investment is preserved. Our experts can identify the exact value of your yacht according to her age and condition, and recommend the interventions required to maintain her value.

We use specialist maintenance software to carefully track each yacht entrusted to us. Not only does this offer perfect traceability for every maintenance task completed, but it enables us to predict future maintenance too.

What sets us apart

We preserve the value of your yacht.

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