MAJESTYS is an offshoot of CNN MCO, which is a pioneer in maintenance of naval ships. CNN MCO raised among the French leaders in technical ship management.

With more than 10 years of experience, CNN MCO has a unique position in this sector. In fact, CNN MCO is the only company of the State naval maintenance coming from a shipping company (Group CNN – Compagnie Nationale de Navigation). Therefore, CNN MCO has a proper understanding of the maintenance required to manage a commercial fleet and transfers it to the fleets under his control. 100% owned by ENDEL/ENGIE, CNN MCO is constantly seeking to innovate, to rationalise its methods, to optimize the maintenance and to increase the availability at sea of the ships entrusted.

This shipowner culture leads CNN MCO to propose a service adapted to the use of vessels and to their life cycle. These proposals incorporate the requirements of reliability, safety and regulatory compliance, common principles represented in maritime environment.


MAJESTYS was born out of a desire, to make available to owners and professionals of the large yachts the same logic of maintenance as that one used by the shipowners.

MAJESTYS inherits the know-how of CNN-MCO and transfers it to the environment of large yachts. Like CNN MCO, its organization is based on shipowners’ technical and financial management methods. Through a constant search for optimisation and innovation,

MAJESTYS uses the most suitable industrial means to keep the yachts at the best level of availability throughout their life cycle and ensuring the maintenance of their value.

MAJESTYS distinguishes itself in the management of yachts by its commitment on the results to be achieved at a price agreed in advance. Majestys acts independently of the stakeholders therefore intervenes on behalf of its clients transparently.